The Yankee Network

The Yankee Network was an American radio network, based in Boston, Massachusetts, with affiliate radio stations throughout New England.[1] At the height of its influence, the Yankee Network had as many as twenty-four affiliated radio stations.[2] The network was co-founded by John Shepard III and his brother Robert, in 1929–1930.[3] The beginnings of what became the Yankee Network occurred in the mid-1920s, when John Shepard’s Boston station WNAC linked by telephone land lines with Robert Shepard’s Providence, Rhode Island station WEAN, so that the two stations could share or exchange programming.[4] Those two stations became the first two Yankee Network stations. In 1930, they were joined by the first affiliated radio stations, including WLBZ in Bangor, Maine; WORC in Worcester, Massachusetts; WNBH in New Bedford, Massachusetts; and WICC in Bridgeport, Connecticut. During the 1930s, the network became known for developing its own local and regional news bureau, the Yankee News Service.[5] The Yankee Network and the Yankee News Service operated until February 1967.[6]  

Yankee Network June 24-1958 Program Log

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