Reliable RF Tower Services

82 Asnebumskit Road, Paxton, MA 01612 (508) 791-7065

Kurt Jackson started Hampden Communications 1988 servicing mostly maintaining radio systems for oil and constructions companies. These days most of the work is broadcasting stations in New England as well as microwave networks from Canada to NY and beyond.

Kurt’s expertise includes:

Broadcast Engineering Services- Design, Build, Maintain and Demolish AM -FM Radio, Television, Common Carrier and Microwave Transmission Facilities. Design and Build Custom Antenna and Diplexing systems, Simulcast Solutions and Communication Site Management. Specialize in the support of Large Tower Owner – Operators Such as American Tower Corp. and SBA Sites concerning Obstruction Lighting and Monitoring, Specilized Colocation of Facilities with AM Broadcast including Hot Series fed / choked – isolated and hot skirt AM, as well asDetuning systems.

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